The safe and efficient extraction of oil

We devised the REEM principle as a benchmark for our work. With this, we are setting standards in efficiently extracting the high-tech resource of oil within the context of domestic, decentralised energy supply with minimal interference in the natural landscape.


Regional direct use

The oil we extract is directly used in the local area. RDG supplies regional companies working in the oil processing sector with this high-tech resource.


Efficient extraction

Long-standing expertise and the use of the most modern technology allows RDG to implement efficient extraction processes with optimised energy output. We produce as much of the energy as possible on site.


Usage of renewable energies

RDG is looking for possibilities to use recovered geothermal energy in local areas.

Minimal interference in the natural landscape

Modern, technological processes allow drilling and extraction activities to be conducted across a minimal site area without adversely impacting residents in the local area or the natural environment. Full site renaturation is carried out after extraction activities have been completed.