We always consider the potential of renewable energies

Right from the very beginning of the process, we investigate and consider the potential of renewable energies by way of potential secondary usage. In this context, oil wells can in some cases be re-used for energy recovery purposes – in this instance geothermal energy – after extraction activities have been completed. 

Geothermal energy is energy stored beneath the Earth’s surface in the form of heat. Modern machinery is able to transform this into usable energy. The advantage it offers over other renewable energy sources is that it is constantly available, irrespective of climactic conditions and time of day or year. The geothermal energy we recover is directly used in the local area. Potential application areas for this geothermal energy include district heating networks as well as supplying heating to business parks and greenhouses. 

In conjunction with local partners, we are further developing resource extraction techniques and focusing on renewable energies, making a contribution to the energy revolution in the process.