Oil as a high-tech resource and driver of the energy revolution

Oil is a high-tech resource and fundamental element of industrial production processes and chemical industries. It is also used in the production and processing of numerous products. On account of its versatile application possibilities, it is almost impossible to think of life without oil. It is used in everyday objects, such as tyres, textiles and smartphones. 

The extraction of oil and natural gas is, however, also an important pillar in the development of sustainable, technological alternatives to meet future energy demands. Oil will be used in key technologies for the energy revolution: in housing insulation, power plants and pipelines, as well as in solar cells and wind turbines. In fact, around 45% of a wind turbine is made up of products from the petrochemical industry, manufactured with the help of oil. Without the use of suitable lubricants, a wind turbine’s propeller blades would simply come to a standstill. A wind turbine requires 500-600 litres of top-quality lubricant per year in order to maintain perpetual motion.


Smaller reservoirs also developed economically

Due to our expertise in the field of E&P, we are specialists in environmentally friendly and technically optimised oil extraction processes. In line with the REEM principle, we are also able to economically develop smaller reservoirs for production. 

Interference in the natural landscape is minimal – and our activities are therefore well suited to sensitive ecosystems and regions with great tourist appeal. Modern, technological processes allow drilling and extraction activities to be conducted across a minimal site area. Full site renaturation is carried out after extraction activities have been completed.

Oil production in Germany by State

Domestic oil production – a central economic factor

Experts expect that half of the global energy requirement will still be covered by the resources of oil and natural gas in the year 2035. In addition to imports, domestic extraction will therefore also play a key role in securing reliable energy supply.


Oil and gas companies operating in Germany are also important employers and major factors in the local economies. Consumers, regions, municipalities and the local industrials all stand to benefit from extraction activities.

By using innovative technical procedures such as 3D seismology, we have been able to discover and develop new fields, securing the future of oil production in the process.

No smartphones without oil