Projects and Partnerships

Salzach-Inn concession

RDG owns the Salzach-Inn concession in Bavaria, with exploration rights accordingly granted for hydrocarbons in the area. The aim is to establish commercially viable production by uncovering new deposits and redeveloping smaller fields.
Seismic measurements in addition to geoscientific and technical reservoir investigations are being conducted, which should clarify whether or not there is additional hydrocarbon potential present in as yet untested reservoir variants.

The reservoirs in the concession area are “conventional”. The oil or gas is trapped between sandstone strata, which can be drilled and extracted using our usual processes. These have been tried and tested over decades and are the safest we have. In the event that drilling activity successfully uncovers deposits, these are then developed using conventional extraction methods – no fracking required! 

The term “conventional drilling” implies activities aimed at uncovering “conventional deposits” of oil and natural gas found in porous rocks that have been conducted in the foothills of the Alps in southern Germany and Austria for many decades by RDG’s former Austrian parent company RAG Austria AG. It is this extraction method that RDG employs today.

Map of south east germany