Salzach-Inn concession

In Bavaria, RDG has a hydrocarbon exploration permit for the Salzach-Inn concession. Here, the objective of RDG is to establish commercially viable production through new prospects and the redevelopment of smaller oilfields.

To support these objectives, seismic surveys, geoscientific investigations and reservoir analyses are being conducted to determine whether additional hydrocarbon potential is present in previously untested reservoir types.

The porous sandstone reservoir formations in the concession are referred to as conventional reservoirs. Oil or gas in this sandstone can be extracted by the usual, safest and proven drilling and extraction methods we have employed for decades. Should a well be found to be productive, the reservoir can be developed by means of conventional production methods (i.e. without fracking).

The term ‘conventional well’ describes a borehole drilled to tap ‘conventional deposits’ of oil and gas in formations with good porosity, as those carried out over several decades by the former RDG parent company RAG in the Bavaria/Upper Austria/Salzburg Molasse basin (Alpine foreland). RDG will continue to employ this established extraction method.