RDG Niedersachsen GmbH

RDG Niedersachsen GmbH owns exploration rights for two licence areas, Borsum and Heemsen. Within the Borsum licence area, RDG owns the rights on the two production licence areas, Lahberg und Wense.

The objective here is the redevelopment of formerly unprofitable oilfields and the search for further deposits in the immediate vicinity of these fields. To achieve this objective, RDG employs traditional oil production methods and sets highest standards in terms of technological expertise, workplace safety and environmental protection.

In the course of this, an in-depth analysis and evaluation of legacy geophysical data and core samples with state-of-the-art scientific methods will be employed to provide information about remaining deposits and the potentials of sustainable and environmentally compatible extraction. For this purpose, legacy seismic data will be reprocessed, reinterpreted and utilised as a basis for geological and reservoir modelling.