RDG owns an exploration permit for a 2.248 km² concession in the Salzach-Inn region of Bavaria. As well as containing potential new oil and gas reserves, the concession also covers a number of oil fields that have already been developed. Oil was produced here between the 1950s and the 1990s, primarily by a consortium made up of Vakuum Öl (now Mobil Oil), Preussag (now Gaz de France Suez) and Gewerkschaft Elwerath (now BEB Erdgas und Erdöl GmbH). For a number of these fields, commercial production ceased to be viable in the 1990s following a prolonged period of low oil prices.

Overview of the exploration permit area

In 2008, in the course of the evaluation of the Salzach-Inn concession, RAG commissioned a feasibility study to assess the hydrocarbon volumes remaining in these fields and the technical and commercial viability of redevelopment.

The results of the study indicated that there was a high probability of the presence of sufficient hydrocarbon resources for commercially viable production in the former Ampfing field and at the smaller Mühldorf-Süd field nearby.

An exploration well drilled in 2016 is intended to verify the findings of the feasibility study and provide information on the current status of the reservoir. The data gathered will enable the assessment of longer-term production potentials.

More detailed information about this project can be found at www.energie-aus-ampfing.de