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In its core business area, RDG unites traditional oil and natural gas production with the generation and storage of energy from renewable sources. We provide unique solutions for decentralised, domestic energy production from subsurface resources. As a high-tech enterprise, we start out where our competitors have already given up: we combine the best of two worlds.

Operating from its head office in Hanover, Germany, RDG is an independent company under the umbrella of Petroleum Equity (PE), an alternative investment firm focused on upstream oil and gas. It was originally founded as the German subsidiary of the RAG Austria AG. In 2017, in the course of a strategic consolidation process, RAG decided to concentrate the focus of its activities on Austria.

As a consequence of this, 2018 saw the spin-off of RDG from RAG and the full transfer of the company to PE. The name RDG was retained, as was the company’s highly qualified workforce, its high environmental and safety standards and its policy of transparent dialogue. Through this, the entire operative-technical expertise and experience of RDG remains in place. The more than 80 years of E&P expertise of the founder company RAG and its self-perception remain unchanged and firmly rooted in the DNA of RDG. This becomes visible not only in the frictionless continuation of all existing projects, but also at management level at RDG, which has remained unchanged in the technical-operative business areas.

Even after the spin-off, the company continues to concentrate on conventional exploration and production of energy resources and the generation and storage of energy from renewable sources – as a matter of policy, RDG strictly excludes the use of hydraulic fracturing, so-called fracking, from its business activities.

Current projects

Our approach: the best of both worlds

Thanks to our technical expertise, we are in a position to develop even small reservoirs for commercially viable production of conventional energy resources. At the same time, we employ state-of-the-art technologies to maximise oil and gas recovery from depleted reservoirs. Sustainability and efficiency are the central priorities in our work, which is guided by the principles of our REEM approach (Regional direct use, Efficient production, Exploitation of renewable energy and Minimal impact on the environment). This means that, wherever possible, reservoirs are reused as sources of renewable geothermal energy after production of conventional energy sources has ended. We call this ‘reservoir upgrading’.

Our geothermal projects benefit from our experience as well as our company’s ability to tap sources of funding for turnkey geothermal projects.

Exploration and development activities for the exploration of unconventional oil and gas reserves are not a part of the RDG business portfolio.


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